Virus? Pandemic? What's that?

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  • MP10021
  • 978-3-944442-20-4
  • 2020
  • Ziska Riemann
Leseprobe: Virus? Pandemic? What's that? (PDF) In 2020, a dangerous new virus spread all... mehr
"Virus? Pandemic? What's that?"

Leseprobe: Virus? Pandemic? What's that? (PDF)

In 2020, a dangerous new virus spread all over the world, and it can only be combatted through joint societal actions that make great demands on all of us. But what do the terms “virus” and “pandemic” even mean? Through her colourful pictures and short informative texts, Ziska Riemann explains to her preschool and primary schoolaged audience why it is that during a pandemic we need to adjust our everyday lives to confront the new challenges, and how, despite the many restrictions, children and their families in fact have an opportunity to discover their surroundings afresh. The aim of course is that we all remain healthy, or recover successfully, so that soon we will be able to play together, learn, work and travel freely once again.

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