Sexes of Winds and Packs

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  • MP1015
  • 978-3-944442-26-6
  • 2014
  • Johannes Ungelenk
Is Feminism without the agency of sexed subjects possible? Can the problems of a highly... mehr
"Sexes of Winds and Packs"

Is Feminism without the agency of sexed subjects possible? Can the problems of a highly gendered world be formulated and tackled without resorting to the notion of fundamental sexual difference? Is it possible for a Feminism that is not based on the assumption of sexed beings to gain any consistency and follow any concerted strategy? The project of this study is not only to show that all these questions can be answered with a full-hearted – Yes! – but to explore the huge scope of conceptual and also practical possibilities that are created by this change of paradigms. Possibilities that are foreclosed – as the first chapters attempt to work out – by Judith Butler’s so important theory of gendered subjects, and limited by Rosi Braidotti ’s or Elizabeth Grosz’s endeavours to read Deleuzian concepts under the assumption of Irigarayan sexual difference.

Gilles Deleuze’s and Félix Guattari’s thinking provides us with conceptual tools for a thorough analysis of the status quo – and means for conceptualising resistance that do not perpetuate the power structures it is fighting against. This book is an invitation to get in touch with these tools, join the alliance (no matter whether ‘queer’ or ‘feminist’) – and ‘Make Rhizomes’!

"»Mit Sexes of Winds and Packs« hat Ungelenk eine äußerst dichte Studie vorgelegt, die ihrer LeserInnenschaft zu jedem Zeitpunkt höchste Konzentration abverlangt. Doch die Mühe, in dieses Gedankenexperiment einzusteigen, wird in jeder Hinsicht belohnt, eröffnet sie doch neue Perspektiven auf die Möglichkeiten feministischer Theorie und Praxis." Doris Marwede, M. A., Promovendin in: Gender Zeitschrift für Geschlecht, Kultur und Gesellschaft 1/2016.

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